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The Leica S2 camera is a professional medium format digital camera produced by Leica Camera AG. It was first introduced in 2008 and represents Leica's foray into the medium format market. The S2 is designed to deliver exceptional image quality and is targeted towards professional photographers who require high-resolution images and precise control over their photography.

The Leica S2 features a large 37.5-megapixel (30x45mm) CCD sensor, which is significantly larger than those found in typical full-frame DSLRs. The camera employs the Leica S-System lens mount, specifically designed for the S-series cameras, which offers a range of high-quality lenses optimized for the large sensor size.

In terms of construction, the Leica S2 boasts a robust and weather-sealed body, constructed from a combination of magnesium alloy and high-quality materials. It features a comfortable ergonomic design with intuitive controls and a large, bright optical viewfinder for accurate framing and composition.

Category: Digital Cameras
Sub-Category: SLR Cameras
Brand: Leica
Body Type: SLR
LCD Monitor Resolution: 460,000 pixels
MSRP At Launch (USD): 23000
Below are some known issues with the LEICA S2: 1. Sensor Corrosion The LEICA S2 (and by extention the S006) did experience a sensor corrosion issue. This is the same issue that was first reported by users in 2009 for the LEICA M9 and gained attention within the photography community. The sensor corrosion issue was attributed to the use of a particular type of glass cover plate for the camera's sensor. This cover plate was susceptible to corrosion when exposed to high humidity or certain environmental conditions. Over time, corrosion would manifest as white spots or blotches appearing on images captured by the camera. Leica acknowledged the problem and launched a service program to address the affected cameras. Owners of the affected cameras were offered a free sensor replacement, which included an upgraded cover plate that was more resistant to corrosion. The service program was available for a certain period of time, and Leica encouraged users to contact their customer support or authorized service centers for assistance. As of 2023, the service program is not available anymore. 2. S-Lens Focus Motors in 2017, Leica has issued an official statement regarding the focus motor issue that has plagued S-Lenses. In some cases, a defect may appear in the autofocus drive unit of Leica S-Lenses. Under certain unfavorable conditions, this may lead to a complete loss of the autofocus function. We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the development and stringent quality assurance testing of a new generation of autofocus drive units under practical conditions. Leica Camera AG is prepared to offer a free replacement of the autofocus drive unit of S-Lenses affected by this problem within the terms of a goodwill arrangement. In light of this, we would like to remind our customers that we can offer free replacement of the autofocus drive unit only for S-Lenses affected by this concrete defect. The goodwill arrangement will remain valid for a period of five years from the date of purchase of the respective S-Lens. Preventive replacement of the autofocus drive unit (including a warranty extension of 12 months) may be requested at your own expense. Should the defect described above occur in one of your S-Lenses, we recommend that you send it directly to Leica’s Customer Care or the authorized Customer Care department of your country’s Leica subsidiary.
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