Review of the Artisan & Artist Leather Strap RDS-LT100

The standard straps that come with cameras are usually okay on functionality – but not big on style. If you like to upgrade to more interesting options, you may already be familiar with Artisan & Artist and their reputation for high quality and stylish camera accessories.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the leather straps: the RDS-LT100.


Style & Function

Artisan & Artist’s RDS-LT100 is a nice blend of style and function: it’s sleek and attractive, while also clearly designed by professionals tuned into the nuances of what makes a quality strap.

As part of Artisan & Artist’s Red Label range, the RDS-LT100 is more affordable than the company’s typical products. It’s manufactured in China, rather than hand-made in Japan. While you sacrifice a bit of craftsmanship, you still get a great value.

There are three colors to choose from: black, brown, and camel.

Manufacturer Artisan & Artist
Model RDS-LT100
Material Leather and Nylon
Size L 810mm to 1,530mm x W 20mm (0.8”)
Adjustable 31.9 – 60.2″ Cross-Body Strap
Country of Origin China
Pricing indication $35

The RDS-LT100 is beautifully packaged and makes a perfect gift. The strap is protected in a nice tissue bag inside the box and comes with a tag providing care instructions.


Installing the strap

The RDS-LT100 comes with all accessories you need to install it on a camera.

You attach it using a small ring, which you can then cover with a small piece of leather they provide to protect your camera from the ring rubbing against the body. The leather is a nice touch—not usually included in straps of this price.

There are no installation instructions provided, but the photos below show how to loop in the leather. You can easily adjust the strap from 31.9 – 60.2″ to adapt to your size or preference.


Putting it to use



The RDS-LT100 is very affordable leather strap offering the high quality that you can expect from Artisan & Artist. We like that there are no metal hinges or clips that could damage your camera. In addition to being strong and reliable, the color options provide nice variety. We love the bi-color design of red embroidery on black leather. We also like that the branding is subtly embossed on the leather—not broadcast in giant print, like Canon and Nikon straps.

The small width of 0.8” (20mm) makes it ideal for rangefinder or mirrorless cameras—a great replacement for the standard-issue plastic strap that came with your camera!


All photos in this article were taken by Damien Derouene.
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