Five Photos with: Voigtlander M Mount 15mm III

In 2015, Voigtlander introduced the third version of their M Mount 15mm lens: the Ultra Wide Heliar aspherical III.

Here are five photos I took with this lens. Note—this isn’t a review! It’s an invitation to discover what this lens can offer in terms of perspective. (A detailed review will follow in the next coming weeks.)


The lens

15mm is often considered a specialty lens. It’s usually not the first lens you buy with a camera, or one you’d use for general, all-around photography. So, most people buy this type of lens for some specific need, like interior, landscape, or architecture photography.

That said, it you find yourself wanting to experiment with something wider than a 28mm or 24mm for street and travel photography, you’ll enjoy giving the 15mm a try.

My photos

Below are my photos taken with the Ultra Wide Heliar aspherical III lens.

A few notes: All the photos were taken with a Leica M240. I processed the RAW files with Adobe Camera Raw, applying the lens profile available. I only slightly reduced the vignetting correction (80%), as the Adobe lens profile over-corrects a little. I also applied some perspective corrections, especially on the photos of buildings.

Fire Island, NY, August 2017
Brooklyn, NY, September 2016 China Town, New York City, August 2016
Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, November 2016
Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NY, August 2016
Fire Island, NY, August 2017


All photos in this article were taken by Damien Derouene.
These photographs may not be reproduced, distributed, modified or re-posted to other websites without the express written permission of the author.


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